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How does it work?

Place your order for one of our produce boxes, along with any additional extras before 7:30 on Monday, and your box of fresh produce will be delivered straight to your door by us! Our current delivery days are as follows:

Delivery Area  Perth (North of the River) Perth (South of the River) Kalgoorlie
Delivery Day


Thursday Weekly every Friday
Timeframe 9:30am - 3:30pm 8:00am - 4:00pm 9:00am - 5pm


What is in our Farmers Choice Boxes?

All of our FARMERS CHOICE boxes are made from a selection of seasonal and nonseasonal fruits and vegetables, locally grown on our farm or sourced locally. There will be some staple veggies that are guaranteed to be in the box and the rest of the selection will vary slightly week to week, as it depends on what is currently available and in season.


What packaging does my order come in?

All orders come in cardboard boxes which can be returned to us during your next delivery for us to re-use. Just leave your box out on delivery day and we will place your fresh produce inside. 

Where and when do you deliver?

South of Perth suburbs on Thursdays to the following postcodes:

6009, 6010, 6011, 6012, 6058, 6076, 6102, 6105, 6106, 6107, 6108, 6109, 6100, 6110, 6111, 6112, 6121, 6122, 6123, 6125, 6147, 6148, 6149, 6150, 6151, 6152, 6153, 6154, 6155, 6156, 6157, 6158, 6159, 6160, 6162, 6163, 6164, 6165, 6166, 6167, 6168, 6169, 6170, 6171, 6172, 6173, 6176.

North of Perth suburbs on Fridays to the following postcodes:

6000, 6003, 6004, 6005, 6006, 6007, 6008, 6014, 6015, 6016, 6017, 6018, 6019, 6020, 6021, 6022, 6023, 6024, 6025, 6026, 6029, 6050, 6051, 6052, 6053, 6054, 6055, 6057, 6059, 6060, 6061, 6062, 6063, 6064, 6090, 6103, 6104, 6921, 6922, 6984.

Kalgoorlie every week on Fridays.

Deliveries to suburbs close to our farm in Wattleup are free of charge. Suburbs that are further away from our farm will have a small delivery fee applied at checkout.

If you don't see your postcode here, get in touch with us via email to to see if we can open up delivery to you. 

Is there a cut-off time to place on order?

Yes. All orders must be placed before 7:30pm on Monday to be delivered on Thursday or Friday. Orders placed after the cut-off will be delivered the following week. 

When does my credit card get charged?

The first time you place a subscription order, you will get charged immediately. All further subscription renewals will be charged on Monday. One-time purchases are charged immediately. If your payment declines we will try again in 24 hours and you will be notified via email. 

Can I pick up my order instead?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer an order pickup option. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept Visa and Mastercard.

PayPal coming soon.